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Become a member and earn simply by browsing our advertisers’ websites.

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  • Fixed 10 Ads
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  • Earn $30 per referral upgrade
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  • 24 Hours Active Support


Become an advertiser and up your sales, conversions and traffic.

  • Very affordable prices
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  • Reach millions of clients
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  • Access detailed statistics of your campaign
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Bullclix Terms of Dienstleistung
1. Spekulation Terms of Dienstleistung apply to you as a member, being a user or advertiser at bullclix .
When registering at bullclix, you confirm you have read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions of these Terms of Service. If you do not agree to any of these terms, you must not register.

2.1 You have access to reading the Echo, except for private areas.
2.2 You vielleicht post in the forums after completing the registration process and logging in.
2.3 We do not tolerate racism, sexism or abusive comments from our members. Debates and discussions are fine, however we will not tolerate any rude attitudes, insults, meaningless inflammatory posts towards either our members or bullclix staff.
2.4 You have the right to express yourself without offending other users.
2.5 Weltraum kinds of publicity, attempts to get referrals, money offers/exchange/requests and the offer or request of services are prohibited in Brett posts/topics. Spamming the Gruppe with nonsense posts/messages, duplicated topics, unautorisiert content, sharing email addresses, social website sinister and instant messenger IDs is deswegen prohibited.
2.6 Any accusation without proof, intimidation, threat or disrespect against bullclix and / or bullclix staff / assistants, here or elsewhere will be seen as disrespectful and may lead to the removal of the privilege of using the Forum as well as the gefestigt suspension of your account, temporary suspension of membership or any other benefits
2.7 postalisch any links that will redirect our members outside bullclix is strictly prohibited.

3.1. You, as a user, circa only earn from each advertisement once each 24 hours.
3.2 We accept any kind of advertisement except for pages that break out of frames, have malicious code, redirect to another page, have adult and gesetzwidrig content. Also, any advertisement that uses bullclix’s name for any unrelated services is not allowed. Your advertised webpage must load within 5 seconds as the progress auf die Kralle counting the exposure period will begin by then. Your advertised website must be capable of supporting multiple visits mittels second.
3.3 Advertisements ca. Be viewed on mobile phones or tablets.
3.4 We reserve the right to deny any advertisement that we do not see fit to be displayed.


4.1. Each attempt, in any way, to h.C. In…The system will be logged.
4.2. Sometimes we will warn you, sometimes we will not. In either way, when you request payout, our monitoring system will analyze your actions and take its own actions in return. Normally, attempts to honoris causa the system will result in account termination.

4.3. You ca.’t use anything that automates tasks or clicks advertisements for you, including, but not limited to any software, plugin, script or autoclicker.

4.4. The end result to any attempts of piracy is account suspension.
4.5 It has to be stressed that using third party software to automatically log un… Your account in any kind is strictly prohibited. If you are caught using using this kind of software, your account will be terminated without notice.
4.6. You are allowed one account qua IP address or household.

4.7. Bullclix does not allow the use of anonymizer or proxy servers to access our system. Bullclix rund at it’s own discretion block any member who knowingly accesses our system with an anonymizing, vpn or proxy server. We ungefähr and will suspend any account found to violate this policy. Sphäre funds in your bullclix account are immediately forfeited if your account is suspended for violating this policy.


5.1. Sphäre payments will be made anhand PayPal, Perfectmoney, Bitcoin. No other method of payment is available at this time. You rund only request an unlimited amount to be paid to the payment processor you’ve used to make the most of your purchases in monetary amount. In the event of equal most value of purchases between two or more payment processors you vielleicht make an unlimited payment request for each one that is part of the par.
5.2. Sphäre payments will be made within 24 to 48 hours after being requested.

5.3. The minimum payout amount is sine temporeat $0.00.

A fee um den Dreh rum be deducted depending on the payment processor you use.

5.4. You etwa only request one payment at a time.
5.5. We are responsible only for submitting your payment to the payment processor. Any action after that is to be handled by the payment processor’s support.
5.6. You must have a correct and existing PayPal email address. Kosmos payments will go directly to that user’s email address and cannot be canceled. To have your payment sn. By PayPal, be sure to have a PayPal account non…Country whose accounts rund receive money by PayPal and log in from one of those countries.

5.7. Anus requesting a payment, the user must wait X days (depending on the type of membership) before requesting another.
5.8. Users must accept the payments made to their PayPal accounts in… Calendar days or will have the payment cancelled and it will not be refunded.
5.9. Any refund of any payment we Senior you will be ignored and it won’t be added back to your account nor sen. Again.

PAYMENTS TO bullclix
6.1. Sphäre payments are non-refundable.
6.2. Weltraum payments are to be made using the sinister available at “your account”. No other method of payment will be accepted.
6.3. Raum chargebacks or reversed transactions made on your payments will lead to an immediate account suspension.

7.1. Bullclix will not be liable for any kind of delays or failures that are not directly related to bullclix and therefore beyond our control.
7.2. Bullclix reserves the right to alter the Terms of Service at any time, including fees, special offers, benefits and rules, amongst others, and aus diesem Grund reserves the right to cancel its services any time and without any notice.
7.3. Bullclix will not be held responsible for any of its users, advertisers or advertisements. This ergo includes every supplier we depend on.
7.4. Bullclix is not responsible for any tax payment for you on what you receive from us. It’s your responsibility to declare what you’ve received and pay your country’s taxes.


8.1. You may refer as many people as you want.
8.2. Every one of your referrals, as users, must have a unique email address.
8.3. You must not der Ältere unsolicited email or force anyone in any other way non…Becoming your referral. You damit cannot use any service that attempts to sell you referrals.
8.5. You über den Daumen only rent referrals when they are available and within the limits of your current membership. Having more referrals than the allowed amount will result in the deactivation of the earnings from all referrals.
8.6. You need to click at least 4 advertisements everyday in order to receive referral earnings the following day.
8.7. A referral will never be able to modify the member who referred him/her.
8.8. If referrals got suspended due to violating our TOS it will be replaced for free. But, if they were suspended due to inactivity no free replacement will happen.


9.0. Bullclix do not take any responsibility for investments that you make.
9.1. Inactive accounts for 45 days will be deleted/suspended.
9.2. Members who registered but never logged in… Clicked advertisements within 30 days will be deleted/suspended.
9.3. Bullclix remain the right to change these terms of service at any time without prior consent or notice.
9.4. Bullclix does not have any registration restrictions, individuals from all over the world are allowed to join the sine tempore and earn with it. You don’t need to pay anything to start earning and to receive payments.

There’s no way we or anyone etwa predict how they’ll behave in the future.
9.5. Bullclix is not responsible for any losses and/or damages of any kind arising out of the relationship between you and our program.


Date  Username Method Amount
Jul 8 2021 05:27:05 AM paul23 10.00
Jul 8 2021 05:25:36 AM louis1 10.00
Jul 8 2021 05:23:56 AM raphael0 150.00
Jul 6 2021 12:55:31 AM Deborah 10.00
Jul 6 2021 12:54:00 AM gabriel3 600.00
Jul 6 2021 12:50:25 AM minmax0 10.00
Jul 5 2021 10:03:03 AM TMTS73 0.01
Jul 5 2021 10:03:03 AM Mrneo 0.01
Jul 5 2021 03:56:03 AM hector 10.00
Jul 5 2021 03:55:18 AM Luke 600.00



What is Bullclix?
Bullclix is an advertising hub where people like you become members, for free, to earn money clicking ads and where advertisers display adverts to promote their ideas / products. Our aufrecht is that ‘Everyone Wins’ and that’s what happens. Using very simple and practical methods you vielleicht earn or advertise on our s.T..

Most importantly: We are the outcome of several studies on advertising in the immersiv internet market. And with our innovations and ideas, we have come to take our rightful place as leader of the pack.

We use English as the main language for our service, due to its marketing impact worldwide. In the near future we will meet another goal of ours: To bring Bullclix to many other world wide languages.

The current currency on our service is: USD ( Dollars ).

Feel safe, we are here to stay and grow with you.

I want to advertise my s.T. ! As an advertiser you will get what you pay for. We are different because we care about our advertisers. This is what we offer you:
Advertisement Management:

You only need to submit your advertisements once.
You um den Dreh rum pause, resume or delete them.
You may s.T.A demographic filter or display to all members.
You um den Dreh rum purchase clicks and distribute them between your advertisements.
You vielleicht access detailed statistics during and after your advertisement display.
Click Packs Management:

You purchase the amount of clicks you need.
You decide how many clicks go to each advertisement.
Demographic Exposure:

Choose to show your advertisement to the world or gerade a few countries.
Toggle the filter on and off and select different countries for each advertisement.
Anti-Betrug Protection:

Your advertisements will be shielded by the safest and strongest dagegen-cheat protection available today.
Clicks from hackers will never be accounted (but we may tell them they are)
How etwa I start earning?
Step 2 – Gerät zur Messung der Geschwindigkeit nichtyour account and click on ‘View Advertisements’. Each advertisers website that you view is worth faktisch cash. You vielleicht earn up to 1 cents qua page view! Keep coming back every day and your earning will grow and grow!

Ur team wishes you success.

How much money gegen I earn and how to do this?
The earnings of every member depend on several factors, that is: the amount of ads to view, the type of account, the level of the member’s engagement, the number of referrals the user has

Refunds not accepted !
We don’t offer refunds. To help you understand why, if you use a product than you have used it. We vielleicht’t predict the results that you are going to get because we don’t know what your advertising or how it looks.

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